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..... .Great savings all the time! With a wide variety of Book Clubs, This is your guide to a great selection of UK Book Clubs. Tailored for general and specialist interests, you're guaranteed great savings all the time. The following book clubs are being offered by Books Direct. Books Direct is the gateway to the UK's leading book clubs with 35 years as a market leader and annual sales of more than 15 million books.

Books For Children

Books For Children: Choose 5 books from just 50p each.
Books for Children is the club that grows with your child. Our experts review every title from 1 to 12 years of age so you can find the right books for your child. We select titles which are both educational and fun. Stimulate, capture and develop your child's imagination.


The Fantasy & Science Fiction Club

The Fantasy & Science Fiction Club: Choose any 5 books from just 50p each.
The Fantasy & Ccience Fiction Book Club is your gateway to the best books on fantasy and science fiction in the universe. There is a galaxy of choice ahead. Discover new worlds. And always benefit from the massive savings.


World of Mystery & Thriller

World of Mystery & Thriller: Choose any 5 books for 5p each.
The World of Mystery & Thriller Club will shake you up and make you shiver. You'll find all the usual suspects plus many exciting new authors you may not have read before. The latest titles all at amazing prices.


History Guild Book Club

History Guild Book Club: Choose 4 books from 99p each.
From the mysteries of the Pyramids and the legends of King Arthur, to the horrors of war and the scandals of politics, world history makes fascinating reading. Writing on the past five millennia from the very latest sources.


World Books

World Books: Choose 6 Books from only 1p each
World Books really is the simplest way to a dazzling array of high quality books at discount prices. Fiction bestsellers, homes and gardens, health and fitness, cookery, history, reference and leisure - World Books has got it all.


The Military and Aviation Book Society

TSP: Choose 6 books from 1p each.
TSP offers the best in current reading, from Science & History to biography & reference, all chosen for their literary merit or special interest and offered at up to 50% off the publisher’s hardback price. Choose 6 Books from only 1p each


The Military and Aviation Book Society

The Military and Aviation Book Society: Choose 4 books from 99p each.
The Military and Aviation Book Society offers books that take you to the heart of war. Whatever your specialist interest, be it aviation, the armed forces, military history or memorabilia, the sky's the limit.


Railway Book Club

Railway Book Club: Choose any 4 books from 99p each.
The Railway Book Club is specially designed for railway and transport enthusiasts. Our expert editors select the most stimulating and impressive studies of the locomotive. Welcome aboard!


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